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Dr. E. Samuel Mohanraj, Showers of Blessing Ministries

Showers of Blessing Ministry is happy to report that we currently run 23 free After School Tuition Centers in Tamilnadu, India.  In these centers about 800 school going children (K-12) are enrolled in 23 villages.  After the regular schools are over, these underprivileged children come to these centers daily to continue their studies and to complete their home works.  Trained tutors run these centers to coach and help these children.  During this process, the students also learn Bible stories, songs, and memorize Bible verses too.  Many parents who see the academic excellence these children achieve by coming to these centers, have accepted Lord Jesus as their savior, and started attending churches.  Currently we have sponsors for 18 centers and six other centers are run through donations and offerings our ministry receives. In the last week of August 2013, I brought all the 800 children from various centers to one location, a village called Kalavai. Prizes were distributed to top achievers among students and Tutors were also given gifts of appreciation for the hard work they did in the past year. Mr. Charles, Director, British Cambridge Institute, is a member of our Children's Ministry. He addressed the gathering and emphasized the importance of higher education. He urged the students to study hard and encouraged them to pursue higher studies which might land the students in high ranking positions with Government and private enterprises. He also explained how each child could transform their village and community.
I am proud to report, one of the girls, Sumitra, from our center has obtained the highest grade in the State School Board Examination. The local newspaper published an article about Sumitra's academic achievement along with her photograph. Our ministry also recognized her achievement and gave her an award and some cash prize too during this special gathering.
Sumitra was interviewed by me at this time. She was asked to explain how she was able to reach this pinnacle. Her answers were encouraging and motivating to other students. At the close of this special gathering, students prayed for a special blessing to all the sponsors and supporters of these After School Tuition Centers. All these 800 students along with their families and tutors enjoyed a hearty dinner after this meeting. On that day, I thanked the Lord for having given me and the members of my ministry a fulfilling day.
Our goal is to provide this after school tuition program to about 1000 students by the end of 2013.  Please pray with us for God to provide more sponsors which in turn would increase the number of centers. It costs about US $100 for every 25 children per month.
Periodically we bring all the enrolled students to a common location to conduct competitions, cultural programs, and Bible classes. We are praying and planning to build a community hall for this purpose.  The tentative estimate for building this community hall would be around US $20,000. I earnestly request you to pray for the After School Tuition Centers we run and for all other needs we have.
My heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you for your support for this ministry.

Yours in His service,

Samuel Mohanraj. E.

If you are moved to contribute towards this ministry, please write your cheque and mail it to:

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Dear partners in Christ,

    Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

It is a joy to meet you through this E-Newsletter. I want to share with you the wonderful things God did in our ministry in the last three months - January to March 2013.
Revival Meetings

- Jan 3-6 - Revival Festival, Vizag, Andra Pradesh. Hundreds of people came. Every one was blessed. Many people were delivered from the bondage of evil spirit and accepted Christ. Praise God!


- Jan 25-27 - Revival meeting, Rajamundry. The power of the Holy Spirit manifested in the meeting and as a result many people received fresh anointing.


- Jan 7 - Revival Meeting, Pallavaram. Hundreds of people came and experienced the power of the Holy Ghost and the presence of God. Many miracles happened and a lot of people shared their testimonies. Glory to God!

Gospel Crusade

Feb 2, Open air Crusade, Chengalpattu - Thousands of people participated.  The glory of God filled the meeting ground. The flood gates of heaven opened and God poured out His blessings upon everyone. Hundreds of people surrendered themselves to Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord!

Ministry among widows

- January 7 - We conducted a meeting for Widows in Chennai slum area. Around 50 widows attended. We provided food and gifted them a saree. They were blessed. - Every Monday we have a fasting prayer for widows. They pray for our ministry, our ministry partners and supporters. They also pray for the ministries throughout the world. They are our prayer warriors. - We give monthly financial support to 20 poor widows in the slums in Chennai. They also distribute tracts and do personal evangelism in all over Chennai and nearby villages.

Pastors' meet

- March 21, Pastors' meeting, Chennai. 200 Pastors attended the meeting.

- I shared the Word of God in two sessions. Many pastors were touched by my testimony. Many of them saw visions and committed their life and ministry to the will of God. - We had a great time of praise and worship and during the prayer time the fire of the Holy Spirit came down upon everyone. They were filled with the anointing and praised the Lord. - We provided lunch for all the Pastors and gifted them some spiritual books, a white shirt and a bag.

Ministry among widows

- January 7, We conducted a meeting for Widows in Chennai slum area. Around 50 widows attended. We provided food and gifted them a saree. They were blessed. - Every monday we have a fasting prayer for widows. They pray for our ministry and our ministry partners and supporters. They also pray for the ministries throughout the world. They are our prayer warriors. - We give monthly financial support to 20 poor widows in the slums in Chennai. They also distribute tracts and do personal evangelism in all over Chennai and outer villages.
Village Ministry

- Our village Gospel team reached Kalavai and its nearby by 20 villages, which is 150 km away from Chennai with the Gospel.

- Distributed nearly 8000 tracts. - Did open-air and street preaching ministry in all the villages. - Screened Jesus film in 6 places. Nearly 1000 people were touched and 120 people accepted Christ. Praise the Lord!

Overseas Ministries


God blessed my ministries in Singapore and Malaysia. God gave me many fresh revelations, Divine connections and interpretations to share with the people. The people were blessed by the in-depth Bible studies and seminars.

Glory to God!

Slum Gospel Meetings

Feb 12, We conducted special meetings for needy people in North Chennai slum. Hundreds of people came and accepted Jesus. I prayed for the people to be delivered from poverty, sickness and the bondage of evil spirit. Our redeemer delivered many people.

Mar 13 - We conducted a similar meeting in Pudupet also. It is a narrow street. A five story government quarters for the homeless people with hundreds of houses is standing tall on the two sides of the street. We reached hundreds of homes and needy people with the Gospel. The meeting was a great success. Praise the Lord!
Television Ministry

- Tamilan TV : Our program is being broadcasted on every Saturday from 7.30-8.00 a.m. in Tamilan TV, a popular secular television channel in South India.

- We are planning to take a half an hour program slot in Sathyam TV. Please pray for this and its financial needs. - Everymonth we are reaching more than 1,00,000 homes through this television ministry.

Sharon Samuel Free Coaching Center


- We visited our Sharon Coaching centers and distributed gifts and chocolates and prayed for them.

- The children are writing their final exams. Please pray for them. At present we have 25 Sharon Samuel Free Coaching centers. More than 1000 children are being blessed everyday. - Apart from free education, we also provide a healthy evening snack everyday for these children to help them balance the nutritional requirement they lack.

Please pray for...


- A bike for the ministry ($1500)

- A video camera ( $3500) - A land for children's ministry ( $30,000)
I thank and praise God for the wonderful things He is doing in our ministry. I also thank you for your prayers and generous support. I request you to continue to support our ministry in coming days also. May God bless you according to this promise. Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. (Psa 91:13,14)  
    In His ministry,   E. Samuel Mohanraj


Showers of Blessing wishes you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Dearly beloved in Christ, I'm happy to present the highlights of Showers of Blessing ministry in the year 2012. The year 2012 was a blessed year as God blessed, led and guided us in a wonderful way. Praise God! Your constant prayers and support were a huge encouragement and blessing throughout the year. Thank you! The highlights of the ministry in past year are as follows: Village / Rural Children Ministry – Free tutoring is provided every day after school for the children. It has grown to 25 centers and 700 children are benefited. Through this the Gospel was reached to the family members of the children and most of them have been baptized, as well. A Hindu temple that was being constructed for a village was stopped and not completed until date, since the priestly family overseeing the temple construction became Christians! We conducted a Sports day and also a cultural day for the children. We also shared the Good News. The whole village witnessed. The Panchayat head (Village head) was so pleased by our work to their children and He honored me in the midst of His people. Village Ministry – The Village Gospel Team regularly visited new villages every month. They have extensively traveled and covered more than 100 villages and reached more than 1,00,000 souls. Many new souls have been added to the body of Christ through this ministry. We have also given baptism to hundreds of souls. Pastoral Development – Guidance, mentoring and financial support was provided for 25 Pastors. Weekly meetings and prayer was held to train and develop them. Conventions – Evangelistic crusades were held in 4 important places namely, Kadappa, Arcot, Pondicherry and Chennai. About 6000 people responded to the call and accepted Jesus. Television Ministry – About a million are watching our television programs. Last year, our programs with evangelistic focus was aired in 2 channels.  People from non-Christian background came to Christ regularly after watching our presentations and listening to the messages. Seminars – In Malaysia, Singapore and the United States of America, seminars were held for about 2000 people of the body of Christ. They were taught to walk more closed to God. Literature Ministry – The book, Understanding Visions and Dreams has been completed. It will be published and distributed very soon.   Ministry to Special Peoples - Widows – More than 1000 widows were supported. They were gifted with sarees. Blind People – More than 250 blind persons were supported. They were provided new clothes. Leprosy Affected People – More than 100 people affected by leprosy were supported. They were also provided with new clothes. Medical Camps - 4 medical camps had been conducted in various villages. Nearly 2000 rural folks had been benefited. Feeding the poor - We have provided food to more than 5000 downtrodden people in 2012. We thank and praise God for you and we are very grateful for your prayers and all that you have done during 2012. We request your continued support as more millions of souls are to be reached. Our wishes and prayers for only God’s best to you and your family in the New Year 2013!
Yours in His service, E. Samuel Mohanraj.