Sharon Samuel Free Tuition Centers

Our Vision:

On our journey in serving the LORD and people in remote villages, God placed in our heart a desire to provide quality education to the children in these villages. This desire became a burden for us to start a free tuition centre in these villages to help children get quality education. Though there are local institutions in these places providing them with education, we found that the students weren’t receiving optimal knowledge to improve their cognitive skills.

That’s what our Coaching Centre aims at, improving the cognitive skills of these children along with quality academic education; and most important, feeding them with spiritual food as well, to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour at a young age.
Thus Sharon Free Coaching Centre came into existence, named after my beloved daughter Sharon Samuel, who has gone to be with the Lord. Our vision for 2011 is to establish at least 20 such tuition centres in villages around Chennai, India.

Who is our target?

Our focus is on the under- privileged and below poverty line groups of people, and people in slums of our State who can’t afford quality education for their children. We want to reach out to these kids who are  deprived of basic education, and we have witnessed  these kids excelling  with the extra coaching we provide them.

About the centre:

We have about 30 children per tuition centre and have appointed qualified teachers to handle different subjects and help them be benefitted as well. A retired school headmaster is appointed to oversee these teachers, motivate them and also provide them with guidance needed. The teacher’s responsibility includes maintaining the regular attendance of the students, monitor the child’s growth and learning curve, guide the children with love and care and also facilitate their growth and report to us on a regular basis on the status of the tuition centre.

Our value addition:

Our foremost goal for these tuition centres is to incorporate Christian values in these children along with their academic education. We also provide a healthy evening snack for these children to help them balance  the nutritional requirement they lack. Thus Sharon tuition centres provide quality education, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Our requirements:

We encourage your support and prayers for this noble cause, to be able to continue with this ministry. We believe and pray that GOD will bless you double fold what you give for this ministry.

The expenses involved for this ministry are as follows: please let us know how you would like to partner with us:

1.     Monthly cost towards rent of the place, remuneration
for the  teachers, overseers, snacks for the children etc             = $100

2.     Annual expense towards school bags, uniforms, stationery,
books and note books etc for the children per centre                 = $1200

3.     Annual cost to educate a child up to V Standard
(per child cost)                                                                                    = $150

We pray earnestly that GOD will move in your hearts a burden for these children to extend your valuable support for this ministry.

Stay blessed!!