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Sharon Samuel Free Tuition Centre Newsletter

Sharon Samuel Free Tuition Centre

Dr. E. Samuel Mohanraj, Showers of Blessing Ministries

Showers of Blessing Ministry is happy to report that we currently run 23 free After School Tuition Centers in Tamilnadu, India.  In these centers about 800 school going children (K-12) are enrolled in 23 villages.  After the regular schools are over, these underprivileged children come to these centers daily to continue their studies and to complete their home works.  Trained tutors run these centers to coach and help these children.  During this process, the students also learn Bible stories, songs, and memorize Bible verses too.  Many parents who see the academic excellence these children achieve by coming to these centers, have accepted Lord Jesus as their savior, and started attending churches.  Currently we have sponsors for 18 centers and six other centers are run through donations and offerings our ministry receives. In the last week of August 2013, I brought all the 800 children from various centers to one location, a village called Kalavai. Prizes were distributed to top achievers among students and Tutors were also given gifts of appreciation for the hard work they did in the past year. Mr. Charles, Director, British Cambridge Institute, is a member of our Children's Ministry. He addressed the gathering and emphasized the importance of higher education. He urged the students to study hard and encouraged them to pursue higher studies which might land the students in high ranking positions with Government and private enterprises. He also explained how each child could transform their village and community.
I am proud to report, one of the girls, Sumitra, from our center has obtained the highest grade in the State School Board Examination. The local newspaper published an article about Sumitra's academic achievement along with her photograph. Our ministry also recognized her achievement and gave her an award and some cash prize too during this special gathering.
Sumitra was interviewed by me at this time. She was asked to explain how she was able to reach this pinnacle. Her answers were encouraging and motivating to other students. At the close of this special gathering, students prayed for a special blessing to all the sponsors and supporters of these After School Tuition Centers. All these 800 students along with their families and tutors enjoyed a hearty dinner after this meeting. On that day, I thanked the Lord for having given me and the members of my ministry a fulfilling day.
Our goal is to provide this after school tuition program to about 1000 students by the end of 2013.  Please pray with us for God to provide more sponsors which in turn would increase the number of centers. It costs about US $100 for every 25 children per month.
Periodically we bring all the enrolled students to a common location to conduct competitions, cultural programs, and Bible classes. We are praying and planning to build a community hall for this purpose.  The tentative estimate for building this community hall would be around US $20,000. I earnestly request you to pray for the After School Tuition Centers we run and for all other needs we have.
My heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you for your support for this ministry.

Yours in His service,

Samuel Mohanraj. E.

If you are moved to contribute towards this ministry, please write your cheque and mail it to:

Bay Shore Assembly of God

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